Social Media Round Table – 2021


Spring into 2021 with a Proven Social Media Strategy!

Reality Check: It’s already Spring, Black Friday is around the corner, and in no time it will be Christmas. Where has the time gone? This turbulent season has taught us we need to be resourceful. Are you going to leave your business to chance again or will you make informed decisions?

Would you step into a plane without first knowing the destination? You wouldn’t, so why leave your business and social media to chance?

2021 is fast approaching, and you’re definitely planning to fail if you fail to plan. Set up your social media for success in 2021.

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This is a 2-hour practical strategy session, to plan what you need before you even create your social media pages.

What you can expect:

• Content Ideas
• Inspiration for posts
• Discover the best time to post
• How to boost posts most effectively
• How to define growth strategies
• How to convert fans into customers.
• 365 days of social media content
• How to set up your social media pages
• How to use Instagram on your computer

This session is an in-person brainstorming session for business owners and decision-makers, as well as travel agents, property professionals, etc.

You will get an A4 workbook including A3 and A4 one-page social media templates, two hours of personal social media support, and a training video.

Limited spaces, only 8 seats per session. If these dates do not suit you, alternative arrangements can be made.