Social Media Fast Start

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“The Social Media Fast Start” course is a brand new course especially designed for those who do not have time to waste. Set up your social media for success in just  5 x 1 hour lessons.

Pay only R999 per person (the course is valued at R6250 per person)!



What can I expect?

Most businesses that fail at social media don’t understand that they can’t just post ads and think they are going to get sales the next day. The real secret to running your own successful social media page is using a strategy. At first, designing your social media strategy may seem like a lot of work, but with the right strategy in place, you’ll be able to shave hours off the time spent on your social media every day.

With us now back in level 3 lockdown, many people are looking for ways to increase their income by working from home – if you have time on your hands, why not improve your social media marketing skills?

But why social media marketing? Did you know that in 2020, just over half of the world’s total population (3.96 billion) was using social media? Furthermore, nearly 60% of the world’s population now uses the internet, and two-thirds already has a mobile phone. Internet users are currently growing at a rate of more than 8% per year, with 346 million people having come online for the first time within the past 12 months. Social media users are growing even faster – global user numbers have increased by more than 10% since this time last year (that’s 376 million new users i.e. 1 million new social media users EVERY DAY). But the big numbers aren’t limited to user figures.


The typical global user currently spends around 40% of their waking life using connected tech, with the latest data showing that people spend an average of more than 6½ hours online each day. However, data shows that people have been spending even more time online since the start of the pandemic, especially during the initial wave of lockdowns, when people were largely confined to their homes.

But what does this mean for marketers? Connectivity is helping people all over the world to make their lives easier and better, and marketers need to keep that in mind. Have you browsed a website looking at leather bags (for example) and then you go onto Facebook and all you see are adverts for…you guessed it…leather bags? Well, you’re not exactly being stalked, but it’s also not a coincidence. This tactic is known as “remarketing” and is super powerful for businesses that are able to tap into this powerhouse to reach their ideal customers. [Do yourself a favour and watch “The Social Dilemma” on Netflix for more on this].

How it works?

      • This is an online course broken up into 5 days.
      • You can do it one day at a time or all in one go.
      • If you need a little extra, in addition to the 5 days, Sunil will throw in a 2-hour individual consult valued at R3650 (in person or over Zoom).
      • Pay only R999 per person (the course is valued at R6250 per person)!
      • Book this 5-hour practical strategy session to plan what you need before you even create your social media pages today.

What can I expect?

If you’re a little befuddled by just HOW to use social media to grow sales, then “The Social Media Fast Start” no-nonsense course is for you. It’s a brand new course especially designed for those who do not have time to waste. Set up your social media for success in just 5 x 1 hour lessons. Choose to be part of a mastermind group or do it one-on-one if your prefer.

      • Content ideas
      • Inspiration for posts
      • Discover the best time to post
      • How to boost posts most effectively
      • How to define growth strategies
      • How to convert fans into customers
      • 365 days of social media content
      • How to set up your social media pages
      • How to use Instagram on your computer
      • Facebook for Business – pages, linking, leads
      • How to generate leads quickly
      • Instagram for Business – stories, hashtags, tricks
      • Ads – how to set up advertising properly instead of flushing rands down the toilet
      • What is a hashtag? How do we create them? What are the benefits of using hashtags?
      • What are stories? How can we leverage stories?

If you want to generate new leads and customers for your business, then you will not want to miss this online course, we have an irresistible deal for you!


Sunil’s 5-day Social Media Fastrack course was beneficial to me as a business owner – the content mind-blowing. So many new tricks/additional information were absorbed during the 5-days & would definitely recommend the 21-day course to bulk-up one’s knowledge. What I like about Sunil’s training is that the service doesn’t end with the course, he is so obliging to extend and share his knowledge further. A privilege doing business with you Sunil – May our business paths continue to cross as we grow stronger through knowledge. Jenny T Taylor – Zizi Marketing

I thoroughly enjoyed the course as it demystified many social media marketing strategies for me. The course has opened up a wealth of possibilities for me to take my business to the next level. Thank you Sunil for your informative, on point and interesting course. Your passion for social media and training others was evident in your fun but professional online manner and I would recommend this course to anyone wanting to get to the next level with their online presence. Janine Esterhuizen Jay9 Scrapbooking

I found Sunil to be highly knowledgeable in his field of operation. His website development skills as well as his hands on approach and suggestions for improvement were well received. He definitely under promised and over delivered on the project and I saved both time and money by making use of his services. Thank you Sunil for the excellent customer experience. I will definitely use your company again in the future. Anthony Chetty – AJC Solutions

Sunil, I appreciate the step by step live “let me show your how” instructions of your course. The fact that we can watch the recording afterwards helps us to apply new skills. Thank you for being so generous in sharing your skills and knowledge. You’ve managed to remove some of my mental barriers around social media. Elsie Correia –

Hi Sunil, the course was great… There’s so much to learn. My brain is cooped. 🤦‍♀️😄 But Ivan and I really enjoyed the course. It was a huge realization to know how much we need to catchup with social media. Thank you for introducing us to such a course. I can’t wait to get started. Very much appreciated! Alison Naidoo – Universal Power Trading

I used the services of Sunil Sew to help familiarise me with Linkedin and Instagram. He was able to de-mystify many elements and he gave me so many valuable tips that I have been able to implement easily. He is very approachable, knowledgeable and I recommend him to anyone who would like to learn more about maximising social media. Cindy Norcott ~ CEO, Pro Talent and Pro Appointments

Sunil has been very knowledgeable when it comes to social media and digital marketing. I found the social media manager course very valuable! Sunil has so much to share and is very helpful when you need advice. I would highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to manage their own social media or learn new tips and tricks, I have learnt quite a lot. Thanks Sunil 😊 – Claudette Lingenfelder – Beauty Beyond by Claudette

At the risk of repeating everything that other group-members have said, THANK YOU for being so incredibly generous with sharing your knowledge, the tips that go beyond the course and making yourself available for assistance at no additional cost going forward. And, the fact that once we have paid for ONE course, we have the opportunity to attend for refreshers. Plus being invited to new sessions. Very grateful, indeed! I keep learning from you. Adele Branch – UKZN Publishers

Wow, wow, wow and wow again! I can’t thank Mr Sew enough for the service he provides so exceptionally well. A man so confident in what he does, that he’s willing to share his years of experience with you. His product offerings are most certainly worth every penny; as he’ll never leave you high and dry. I’d recommend him time and time again! Keep up the great work my good Sir! – Sandiso Makunga – HR Matters

I joined Sunil’s social media challenge and it was such a win. I thoroughly enjoyed the daily input and the gems I picked up along the way. I found the daily accountability invaluable. I would recommend this course for both beginners and more experienced social media users. The course is designed to stretch you according to you abilities. Sunil’s friendly and professional disposition sets the perfect tone for a motivating environment. Tamlyn Perry Nielson Academy

When browsing through a newsletter from Alice Leah recently, I came across details of a 21-day Social Media course that was being offered by Sunil Sewpersadh of Social Media Training. The immediate attraction was the excellent value for money, and the fact that because each session was recorded, it gave you tons of flexibility to do sessions in your own time. Naturally, watching the live sessions with Sunil does allow you the opportunity to ask questions, as well as listen to solutions to questions/challenges that other delegates were asking and experiencing. The course was very comprehensive, giving you insight on all aspects of social media, tricks, tips etc. Sunil himself is very knowledgeable and is always available to assist with queries that you may have. I would highly recommend this course! Kerry Anne Francis ~ Marketing, St Henry’s Marist College

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