Lite Shopping Cart

R5,500.00 R3,650.00

In our efforts to grow small business, and only for Alice network we are giving a “Lite” 7 product solution for only R1850. This includes only 7 products, instant payments and automatic invoicing. This is ideal for you if you sell cakes and cupcakes, homecooked meals, coaching services, face masks.



E-commerce is the same as online shopping, due to it expands your reach beyond your local geographic region to do business. In the recent months, due to pandemic and reduced data costs, e-commerce has grown exponentially. If you haven’t done your research, now is the best time to get an online shop or upgrade your current website to into ecommerce.

After having worked with brands such as Infinity Dress SA, The Gautrain, Masterbuilders, Builders, The RMI and many more, we have developed a simple yet effective sales system that has one objective “to maximize sales for our clients”