Design Your Sales Strategy

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Sales Strategy Bootcamp is designed to position your business for success for 2021 and beyond…

At the very core, business success is reliant on a clearly designed, effectively communicated, and well implemented Sales Strategy. The strategy must create enthusiasm and has to clearly outline how the company choses to compete within the chosen target markets and how it will dominate these markets.



A good Sales Strategy is one that creates opportunities and deals with the external threats at the same time.

Covid has changed the way we do business, but an effective STRATEGY and proper execution is what will get you through these times…

The Sales Strategy Bootcamp course is aimed at business owners as well as Sales Managers who want to learn the elements that go into developing a bulletproof strategy, that is based on a thorough market analysis, and most importantly, how to effectively implement and monitor the Strategy. The key focus areas of the course include:

  • How to develop a Sales Strategy for:
    • Maintaining existing customers
    • Acquiring new customers
    • Growing revenue from an existing client base
  • Aligning the Sales Strategy to the organisation’s resources
  • How to segment, target and penetrate markets
  • Optimise the Sales Strategy to maintain growth, improve efficiency of the sales team and reduce cost of sale to improve profitability
  • How to protect your market share
  • New Leadership Models & what it takes to be efficient in the Digital Economy
  • Blue Ocean Strategy overview for the creation of new markets. Become a pioneer and gain initiator advantage
  • Introduction to Lean Six Sigma – Zero defects
  • What is a SPRINT MODEL and how is it used by major corporations to improve existing product and introduce new products through a process of iteration.
  • Lean Start Up – How to eliminate waste from the product development process
  • Development of Business Growth Levers

The course is hands on and includes tasks and activities that are specific to your company. These tasks form the basis of your individual sales strategy and will give you a head start for the completion and implementation of your strategy. Real life case studies will also be discussed along with media references.

“The Sales Strategy Bootcamp” course has been specifically developed to fast track your strategy development process to give you a head start in 2021. This interactive course will run over 6 days (1 hour lessons on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evening) and will be conducted online.

A bit about the presenter…

Anthony Chetty has been trained in Executive Business Leadership as well as Digital Business amongst others. He has held senior management positions both regionally as well as nationally in the Sales & Marketing environment and has also personally been in business for the past 21 years.

His marketing experience is extensive and ranges from qualifications from the Institute of Marketing Management (IMM) to being on the panel of judges for the Direct Marketing Association (DMASA) prestigious Assegai Awards.