21 Day Social Media Manager Course


This is a “Guided” Online Training program – We will have a live call daily for 21 days! This will still run over Zoom and Facebook Live.

Next Course Intake – 09 November 2020 HURRY!

What does it cost?

  • Was R3499pp, but you only pay R999 pp, R1499 for 2 or R1999 for 3!
  • Seats are limited, so don’t delay.
  • Total Value of this coaching programme is R14000.


Learn Effective Strategies to Grow your Social Media. Book Today to Discover Insider Secrets and Tips. Many social media courses are lengthy and expensive, but this one has been designed with entrepreneurs in mind – busy people do not have time (or money) to waste.

The world is transitioning from the norm to a new way of working.  Never before has it been so easy to take control of your life.  We have so many “free” tools at our disposal, such as social media and digital marketing.  We have put together a step by step course showing you how to make the most of these tools, these are “life skills”and can be applied to any business or organisation from small mom and pops to corporates and fundraising.

We show you how to determine your ideal customers, then why they show buy from you instead of your competitors, then create a one page strategic plan, create compelling and attractive content.

After this course you will be able to:

  • Do Social Media the Right WAY
  • Attract Your Ideal Buyers through various channels such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp etc
  • Create Beautiful Posters and Banners
  • Get more Clients and Customers



This course will cover the following:

  • Strategy: Learn how to create a detailed social media plan for clients/your own business.
  • Content creation: Learn how to create a content calendar and content ideas, as well as scheduling content.
  • Graphics: Learn how to create compelling and engaging graphics using a free and easy-to-use design programme.
  • Channels: Get to grips with the different social media channels i.e. Facebook pages and ads, Instagram, and a little LinkedIn.
  • Clients: Learn how to find clients using social media when first starting out.
  • Reporting: Learn how to do full reporting and how to measure the ROI of social media.
  • Results: Learn how to measure social media campaign results for paid ads reporting and what matters.

Since the advent of social media, many traditional forms of advertising have taken a dramatic swan dive. With 2.4 billion users checking out their Facebook pages every day, you’d be a fool to ignore this powerful pool of potential customers. But if you have tried to throw money at Facebook and you still aren’t getting worthwhile leads, either your product or service is not in demand, or you are too expensive, or you are targeting the wrong audience.

62% of small businesses fail with Facebook, yet Facebook is still worth over $400 billion. That tells me that Facebook must be working for a whole lot of businesses, or else they’re happily wasting their hard-earned cash. You need a powerful Facebook strategy that convinces people to use your service or buy your product, and you need to know the best way to do this to ensure you are not throwing money away.

Many social media courses are lengthy and expensive, but this one has been designed with time-strapped entrepreneurs in mind – apply what you will learn to your current business or start your own business in social media marketing, or find employment as a social media manager.

Here are more details on the course:

  • Live Webinar, followed by 21 days of practicals (1-hour lessons delivered daily).
  • There is accountability via a dedicated WhatsApp and Facebook group, as well as unlimited access to the trainer for coaching and mentoring during the three weeks post-course.
  • You’ll get training materials and video recordings, as well as 1-on-1 coaching.
  • You’ll get access to the trainer for urgent social media coaching.

Sunil is an amazing person and a very talented individual in social media. His courses are very informative and have helped me extensively in growing my network.  He also avails himself after hours to answer any questions and is willing to assist further after the course is completed.  All the best my friend. Elisha Ramoo

Sunil has a relaxed manner of teaching which I really enjoyed. He is fully committed to helping you on your social media journey and I will continue recommending him to anyone who wants to take the social media journey for business. Money and time well spent! – Lara Park – Transformational Coach

Sunil’s approach to social media makes you realise the language of your brand. I’ve learnt the dos and don’ts of social media, and which platform was best for my business. Bishan Soni – Pro Photographer

I have gained invaluable experience at Sunil’s Social Media marketing Manager course. It Is great for start-ups especially for those want to be their own social media marketing managers. It teaches you everything from creating content, strategy, Facebook ads and many more tools to help you grow your business using social media.  After sales service also great. Amisha Narandas – BONGO App for Beauticians

The course was of such value to our company, I learn’t so many new things which I wouldn’t have thought twice about on my own. Over and above the content, Sunil stayed in constant contact with me and if I had any questions or was confused about anything, he did not hesitate to  assist me even in his personal time. I recommend any business whether in marketing or who run their own social media do the course. Thanks Sunil !  Chanelle van Vreden – Hendra Rentals

Sunil covers all aspects of social media in a thorough and informative way. He is available to answer questions anytime after the course is finished and follows up with a 21 day revision program which reinforces what has been taught.  Good value for money and a helpful course presenter. Lynley Clark – Mkomazana Mountain Cottages

Sunil is an amazing lecturer.  His course is very user friendly and set out for easy use.  He is attentive and helpful and still answers all my questions even though it’s been a while since my course took place. I would highly recommend him! Katia Papadopoulos – Eat Greek Caterers

Sunil has been amazing from the first point of contact.. Thank you to The A list for referring this amazing knowledgeable guy.. Your after service is also phenomenal.. Thank you. Shivanie Seebran Naidoo – The Laser Studio Umhlanga

Great training session Thorough learnt alot … and the 21 day follow up this was awesome support … Highly recommend Sunil s workshops .. Michelle Ann Smith – WovenBark Studios